• Scott Gottstein

One of DC's Robins Came Out as Gay...and I Have a Problem With That (Spoiler It's Not Homophobia)

Robin, well, actually Robin #3, Batman's beloved sidekick, Gotham's Richie Cunningham, has decided to go bi. After 80 years of being trapped in the closet, the boy wonder has started wondering about boys. Good for him, I say! Good for him! Being politically moderate, I have no issue with pop culture and media being inclusive; in fact, I think it's a great idea if only studios and publishers and directors and writers weren't so damn lazy about it.

I'm a realist, as I think most people are...I'm not going to lie when I say that it irks me when I see characters portrayed unrealistically. I'm not going to get into specifics but use your imagination. This seems to be the new tactics studios have taken on. Rewrite an existing or old white character, except we will make the gay or a minority. Before we jump to conclusions that I'm just some bitter 30-year-old white guys bitching about minorities being more present in pop culture (yea, I know the script), let me explain my gripe. The issue I have is 2 sided, but I can put them together. Media companies are taking white and straight characters who have been around for years and making them minorities or part of the LGBTQ community. Some people will call this much needed. Some people will call it pandering. I call it laziness.

Instead of studios working hard to create original characters for specific communities and putting in the effort to give them more of a footprint in Hollywood, we will just recreate white characters. We will make them black. We will just make a character who has been straight for 80 years bi-sexual. We are basically putting white characters in a pop culture Black Face. If studios really cared about minority communities, they would put in the extra effort and be original. At the end of the day, they are just recycling white characters into black characters and straight characters into gay characters, not because they care about those communities, but because they need to come up with the quickest and most efficient way to not lose revenue.

If we have more original gay or minority characters, we need to have more gay and minority writers. It's just the plain truth. Studios can change the appearance of a character believing they are making the masses happy, but eventually, that character will go stale. It will hold onto its original identity while being force-fed another, and ultimately, the character will implode, and we will lose it for good. I'm posting a video below, where Denzel Washington sum's up what Hollywood need's to understand.