• Scott Gottstein

5 Things fat people notice when they start their fitness journey

5. You’ll lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks

Most people notice when they begin a fitness journey, especially when overweight, that they drop a lot of weight really quickly. Unfortunately, this is mostly water weight and will eventually slow down after the second week of your journey. When I first began my journey, I dropped 9lbs in my first week of diet and exercise. The second week I dropped another 6. This eventually slowed down to about 1lb per week.

4. starting a health relationship with food is tough…at first

Ever ask yourself how did I get to this point? How did I become a self-loathing fatty? Why am I tipping the scale in the wrong direction? The first thing all of us should do I take a look in our fridge and pantry. What are you seeing? Healthy Carbs? Quality Proteins? Fruits and Vegetables? More than likely, you see an array of processed, fatty, and sugary foods. Believe me, I know, this has been my biggest hurdle, but it's the most important to get to your goals.

People always say that you should not view healthy eating as a diet because diets are temporary. I never believed that train of thought, but you know what? It turns out that type of thinking was correct. What has worked for me is the 90/10 eating style. I eat healthy 90% of the time and a lot myself sometime on Saturday to eat what I want and maybe have a few drinks, and it works. It took me a good 3 to 4 months of eating healthy to get to the point where I was comfortable to have a cheat day here and there and know I would not fly off the handle and gain 30lbs in one sitting. Be smart about your food choices but also have fun…once in a while.

3. Exercise sucks…if your not doing the type you enjoy

Yes…everyone should do some cardio, but you know what? For most people, cardio blows… it's boring, repetitious, and downright annoying. Good thing we have options in 2021. Find something you like and stick to it. I found my enjoyment in strength training. It's challenging, my routine varies, and I feel fantastic (when not recovering). Isn't strength training your thing? What about Powerlifting or Crossfit? Ton's of people are jumping on the Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) train if you are more inclined to endurance training. Love cardio but hate the treadmill? Buy a mountain bike and hit the mountains, or buy a road bike and do your own imaginary Tour De France.

The truth is like dieting the first few weeks of exercise will suck regardless, but once you get into a routine and find something you genuinely enjoy and become passionate about it, it begins not to suck. You'll meet people who have the same interest and passions. You'll make friends, you will gain a skill and most important you'll get healthy.

2. You'll feel worse before you feel better

This is a hard reality that all of us fat asses out there have to accepts. We have spent years abusing our bodies, so they are not adapted to the physical strain exercise will put on them. They are also not adapted to fewer calories and healthier foods. For me, the increased activity was the easier of the two to overcome. You'll be sore for a while, but eventually, you'll adjust, and if you are a masochist like me, you'll learn to even enjoy the pain.

Adjusting to a new way of eating was a lot more difficult for me. Giving up burgers, wings, fries, and beers every day was a lot harder mentally than I thought. Our bodies become addicted to processed crap, and we withdrawal-like junkies. It takes time to get readjusted to healthier eating habits, but in time as I mentioned above, you will learn to enjoy it and be able to splurge once in a while without flying off in processed food oblivion. Trust me.

1. Good things do not come easy

This is a journey. Nothing is set in stone. You will mess up. You'll overeat or eat junk in the beginning. It won't be easy. You'll be tempted. Friends will pressure you. At the end of the day, it's your life and your decision. You know what you have to do. Put in the effort, and the outcome will be what you expect. You can either be your own advocate or your own worst enemy. The choice is yours.

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